CY Initiative of Excellence (INEX) is an academic consortium selected by the French government among the 19 French universities of excellence. It brings together CY Cergy Paris Université and ESSEC Business School. The two institutions have joined forces in this ambitious project to strengthen their research potential and international attractiveness.

CY Initiative supports three funding programmes: TALENTS, EMERGENCE & HORIZON. 

[NB: submission of EMERGENCE or HORIZON projects, to the two calls, CY Initiative and CY Generations, is possible and encouraged.]

For more information about CY Initiative programmes, see the CY INEX supporting documents.


CY Generations is a project financed by ANR within its PIA 4 ExcellencES call (Excellence in all its forms), which brings together academic, socio-economic and local authority partners, around  CY Alliance.  Its objective is to design solutions for sustainable innovation, through actions in research, training and entrepreneurship to meet the societal challenges of transition.

CY Generations supports two internal programmes: EMERGENCE & HORIZON. 

[NB: the two programmes are identical to those of the CY Initiative call; but they have specific CY Generations requirements.]

For more information about CY Generations programmes, see the CY Generations supporting documents.


CY Advanced Studies (CY AS) supports ambitious research projects in all fields. Through the organization of international scientific events and its international visiting reseachers programme, CY AS promotes the emergence of innovative and transdisciplinary projects at the crossroads of major disciplines. To carry out its missions, CY AS develops, in collaboration with the CY Initiative research centers and laboratories.

CY Advanced Studies supports the FELLOWSHIP IN RESIDENCE (FIR) programme. 

For more information about the FIR programme, see the FIR supporting documents.


The MME-DII Laboratoire d'excellence (Labex) is an inter-disciplinary project financed by ANR within its PIA 2 (Investment for the Future) program, gathering around 160 researchers specialized in such areas as economics, mathematics, and physics, from six higher education and research institutions of the Île-de-France region: CY Cergy Paris Université, ESSEC Business School, Université Sorbonne of Paris Nord, Université Paris Nanterre, Université Paris II Panthéon-Assas, Université d'Evry-Val-d'Essonne.

Labex MME-DII issues three internal calls for proposals per year: Scientific projects, Scientific events and Master's study grants. 

For more information, see the Labex MME-DII programme.


The Humanities, Creation, Heritage University Research School (Ecole Universitaire de Recherche [EUR] PSGS HCH), supported by CY Cergy Paris Université, will welcome students at the start of the academic year wishing to embark on a practice led PhD program.

The EUR PSGS HCH call for applications is intended to recruit these future doctoral students.

For more information, see the EUR PSGS HCH web site.


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