CY Initiative - Supporting documents

CY Initiative of Excellence is an academic consortium selected by the French government among the 19 French universities of excellence. It brings together CY Cergy Paris Université andESSEC Business School. The two institutions have joined forces in this ambitious project to strengthen their research potential and international attractiveness.

The 2023 Action Plan aims to foster the development of scientific excellence and to structure the research strategy of the participating institutions and research teams.

CY Initiative provide the following three calls for proposals:

  • A call for external applications, the TALENT programme, open to high-potential early-stage researchers (two to ten years of postdoctoral experience) wishing to develop their research activity in one of the CY Initiative research groups.
  • An internal call for scientific projects open to researchers and faculty members of CY Initiative research centres:  the EMERGENCE programme aims to support the development of innovative research projects, carried out by individual researchers, in order to prepare an application for external funding; 
  • An internal call for projects for the laboratories and research centers of the CY Initiative: the HORIZON programme aims to support ambitious research programmes, developed at the level of a research team and aimed at the preparation of an application for major external funding, particularly European funding.



TALENT Programme

EMERGENCE Programme   

HORIZON Programme