CY Generations - Supporting documents

CY Generations is a project financed by ANR within its PIA 4 ExcellencES call (Excellence in all its forms), which brings together academic, socio-economic and local authority partners, around  CY Alliance. Its objective is to design solutions for sustainable innovation, through actions in research, training and entrepreneurship to meet the societal challenges of transition. 

CY generations call is built in conjunction with CY Initiative call. It targets two types of project as defined within the frmae of the CY Initiative call but with the specific requirements of CY Generations of multidisciplinary, multi-laboratory research, meeting the challenges of sustainable development:

  • The Emergence programme aims to support the development of innovative research projects, led by individual researchers, who will futher apply for external funding  
  • The Horizon program aims to support ambitious research programmes, developed at the level of a research team and aimed at preparing an application for major external funding, espacially European funding.  



EMERGENCE Programme   

HORIZON Programme