CY Advanced Studies - Supporting Documents

CY Advanced Studies (CY AS) of the CY Cergy Paris Université invites applications from high-level international scholars and scientists in all fields, for up to 6 research fellowships. The program is supported by CY Initiative an academic consortium gathering CY Cergy Paris Université (CYU) and the ESSEC Business School.

The call is open to leading senior researchers, wishing to carry out original research projects in partnership with the research centers of CY Initiative.

The Fellows-in-Residence programme offers a multidisciplinary research environment and creates an opportunity for researchers to develop original research ideas, to apply their knowledge and skills to new domains and to develop cross-disciplinary initiatives. For the development of their research projects, fellows-in-residence will be jointly affiliated with CY Advanced Studies and with one of the research centers of CY Initiative where they will be able to create contacts, exchange knowledge and collaborate with researchers from various fields. Within CY AS, fellows from all disciplines take part in the Institute’s interdisciplinary exchange program.



CY AS Fellows-in-Residence Programme 

Nota bene: The application deadline to submit the summary of the research project has been extended until Friday, December 15th 2023 at 13:00 CET, the submission of the full application before Thursday, January 18th 2024 at 13:00 CET.